About the company:

IST – WOOD – TRADE has been processing wood for more than 20 years. Our main products are oak boards, ash boards, maple boards, elm boards, walnut boards .

After confirming the specification, delivery terms – usually it’s DAP delivery, we find the vehicle and ship the board to the buyer.

Our specialists will help with the best delivery and advise on the grade of oak board.

We export oak boards to European countries: Germany, England, Austria, Sweden, Holland, France, Denmark, Romania and Bulgaria. And also to Asian countries: Vietnam, China, Taiwan.

Monthly volume of hardwood lumber 450-500m3

Wood processing shop:


Cherkasy region, Smilyansky district,

Village Balakleya




City Cherkasy, 18000

Street Blahovisna, 210, c . 31

+38 0472 33 37 10

+38 0472 54 35 66




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+38 (0472) 54 35 66

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